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Moderne filosofen over kunst. Opmerkingen naar aanleiding van het boek.

Waarom Wittgenstein Mijn Held is

»  “Waarom Wittgenstein Mijn Held is” (60K) , De Filosoof juni 2010. Wittgenstein: twee citaten “But the idealist will teach his children the word ‘chair’ after all, for of course he…

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Dreaming one’s future

…Dreams have psychological reality, but not by intentional design… Dreams have psychological reality, but not like our behaviour has, not by intentional design. If dreams can be characterised as a…

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Bild, Darstellung (TLP 2.0251)

What is the isomorphy between a sentence and the world it describes? Looking at the photograph, and assuming the world was similar to what we see in it—let us say…

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Kant and the gaze

The first sentence of Kant’s Critique of Judgement (of section 1), in my reading, presents us with the flawed view of human beauty–without mentioning human beings there, and apparently Kant…

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Kunstschoonheid en de moraal

Zuivere schoonheid is amoreel (denk aan Kants uitsluiting van morele begrippen als bepalingsgrond van het zuivere smaakoordeel), maar hoe zit het met kunstschoonheid? Kunstschoonheid is afhankelijke schoonheid, ze hangt af…

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