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Philosophy of the Arts


Moderne filosofen over kunst. Opmerkingen naar aanleiding van het boek.

What Plato is up against

What Plato is up against in his objection to art, becomes clear in Politiea, Book X, 599a: he objects here to people who take a representation for what it represents….

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Hegel’s Dialectics was Geared to Art

… He Had No Business ‘Ending’ It ‘Hegel’s Dialectics was Geared to Art. He Had No Business ‘Ending’ It.’ Andreas Arndt, Karol Bal, und Henning Ottmann (Hsg.): Hegel-Jahrbuch 2000. Hegels…

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Kant, taste and time

Kant’s Critique of Judgement can be seen to put aside all sorts of irrelevant, and illegitimate considerations for our judgements of taste, such as our interests, concepts, moral values, sentiments…

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