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Philosophy of the Arts


What perception is, where to find the perceived, and how it is remembered.

Who are we?

Sometime in your life all of us get to the insight that nothing we experience is experienced for the first time. That life is merely a cycle all must go…

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Relating your Dreams

Dreams are boring. For the others. They are all subjectivity, and consist only of . There are no non-realised affordances in a dream: everything happens for your sake. Hence, there…

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The aspect-blind

In the Philosophical Investigations Wittgenstein discusses the ambiguous duck-rabbit picture as illustrating a specific kind of seeing, seeing-as: we see the drawing now as a duck, now as a rabbit….

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Thinking does not seem to require objects (real things, I mean)—all it needs are subject matters. Thinking as such cannot establish whether there is an object out there. Action needs…

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Perceiving a Chair

My view of perception as farming out to the external objects has a clear advantage over receptive views of perception. When we perceive a chair we not only collect but…

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