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Philosophy of the Arts


The aspect-blind

In the Philosophical Investigations Wittgenstein discusses the ambiguous duck-rabbit picture as illustrating a specific kind of seeing, seeing-as: we see the drawing now as a duck, now as a rabbit….

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Bild, Darstellung (TLP 2.0251)

What is the isomorphy between a sentence and the world it describes? Looking at the photograph, and assuming the world was similar to what we see in it—let us say…

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What is logical form? (TLP 2.171–2.225)

…What is the logical formof a cup of tea half-filled with lemon juice?… A picture can depict only that which form it has. Sculptures depict the spatial aspect of things,…

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Letters and the Telephone

So I finally got around to reading Ray Monk’s biography of Wittgenstein and the fist shock came from an unsuspected angle: Monk could amply make use of letters Betrand Russell…

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