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Philosophy of the Arts

new art forms

Assuming art is defined from its history how can new art forms arise?

Biology and ethics

Wiener Aktionism, Biology and Ethics Biology prescribes that humans strive for survival. It simply makes no sense for a person sustaining a life of his own, to do things which…

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Sell your Death

A dear friend, an artist herself, made me realise that television is far more extreme than art is, with regard to crossing moral limitations. She pointed me to the case…

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A case of Immoral Art

Kristian von Hornsleth, Danish artist, devised The Hornsleth Village Project Uganda: “The Hornsleth Village Project Uganda saw every individual in a village change their name to Hornsleth, in a simple…

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Art is a Practice

In follow-up to a previous post that produced the interim conclusion that art is unsurmountably historical: the circularity we get upon trying to understand when someone is an artist is…

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Joel-Peter Witkin

…Could he be tried for staging a corpse?… What we see on the photographs of Joel-Peter Witkin is, for instance, a corpse, beheaded, sitting on a chair, in “Man without…

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BAK, basis voor actuele kunst

Artur Zmijewski: The Social Studio 28 September – 16 November 2008 opening: 27 September 2008 at 20.00 hrs For more information, see: www.bak-utrecht.nl BAK, basis voor actuele kunst presents Artur…

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