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It migrated to WordPress October 2009 — hence the low counts. In fact, the blog entries have been around since April 2003. Interested? Read the Technical pages.

… the English part

No need to be bored.
In Dim Lit Philosophy I introduce and develop my philosophical arguments, some of which originate from my classes, most stem from reading philosophical texts.
I talk about art, the mind, culture, perception, and when I’m done talking, I group the arguments together.
The results of that you should find following the links pointing to my research (downloads, directions, bibliography, it is all available on my academic website).
In Teaching, my students should find discussion on subjects dealt with in class, and administrative details.

… the Dutch part

Kort Commentaar describes short intuitive considerations on actual events, news paper articles, etc. Onderwijs provides follow-up and administrative detail for students in my Dutch classes.

Philosophical Editions

In these pages I process my philosophical books already published, with considerations originating from research or my classes.
The book that is presently most clearly being processed, is the Dutch Kennis in Schoonheid, from 1992.
Arguments to do with present research are available on my other weblog, Dim Lit Philosophy.

… my Website

The more solid background for this weblog is my academic website.

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