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Philosophy of the Arts


This is where I develop my philosophical arguments — about art, the mind, culture, perception. No need to be bored.

Who are we?

Sometime in your life all of us get to the insight that nothing we experience is experienced for the first time. That life is merely a cycle all must go…

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What is Philosophy of Art?

When you do philosophy of art and discuss for instance, paintings and photographs, it makes little sense to make universal claims about aesthetic values. It makes little sense to say…

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And our associations?

Perhaps, our associations too, are mere brain waves. The interesting thing about them is that we shall try to understand them whenever they occur. (Just like our puzzlement over our…

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The brain and the mind

Sometimes, the brain is in charge in my mind, though mostly, thank God, it isn’t. This morning I lay awake for an hour with a phrase in my mind from…

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Argumentum ad Futuram

The Argumentum ad Futuram is a fallacy for arguing from the assumed state of the future to say something to determine our choices in the present—it is no coincidence, I…

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Relating your Dreams

Dreams are boring. For the others. They are all subjectivity, and consist only of . There are no non-realised affordances in a dream: everything happens for your sake. Hence, there…

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The aspect-blind

In the Philosophical Investigations Wittgenstein discusses the ambiguous duck-rabbit picture as illustrating a specific kind of seeing, seeing-as: we see the drawing now as a duck, now as a rabbit….

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