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Yosemite install? Press Command-L

I installed Yosemite on my Mac Pro a few months after it came out. The Mac Pro has three harddisks and may be extra complicated, which might explain what happened:…

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TinkerTool to the rescue

In response to renewed problem’s with Lion’s feature/bug of finsishing diacritical letters (see this previous complaint), I have probably found the solution in the excellent free system tweaker software: TinkerTool.app….

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This is not a feature

Lion (Mac OS 10.7) introduced a device that comes in handy when you use an iPad or iPhone: a way to produce accented letters without having to use three key-combinations:…

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Dictatoriale Websites

Dit blog bij voorbeeld presenteert gewoon wat krenten uit mijn pap — wie dat leuk vindt leest door en, als men iets bepaalds zoekt, kijkt men naar de rubrieken of…

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blog Rejuvenated

New category: papers. With the migration to WordPress my blog has been restyled, and shuffled. I also added a new category, “papers” which assembles papers and presentations as soon as…

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Cleaning up the In-box

I simply must share this hint about Mac OS X Mail.app. It solved this issue I was having: my in-box fills with great speed and it is taking me much…

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