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Philosophy of the Arts


This is where I develop my philosophical arguments — about art, the mind, culture, perception. No need to be bored.

Vision and Justice

People who lack a vision are bound to mistake politics for content, someone’s self-assured utterances for his understanding of things. We find such people all over the globe. Yet, some…

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What it is like to be a bird

It is said that, on account of climate changes due to the greenhouse effect, birds migrate to areas in the world where, before, they could not, normally, be spotted. …Birds…

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Lanzmann and Lang

Claude Lanzmann argued (a.o.) that the Shoah cannot be represented (photographically, I would want to add). He states this clearly in explaining what he would do had he found documentary…

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Machine Art as Performance?

Denis Dutton argued that all art is performance. (It is the achievement in the performance that is being forged in a forgery). I have argued elsewhere how this postition fits…

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