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Philosophy of the Arts

hum 291

Approaches to the Humanities

Propaganda or not?

…Whether or not someone addresses another person is between the addresser and the addressee… In class, I posed the question whether or not Lenie Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will is…

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Representing a token of a type

“But how can he tell what the holocaust was, if he is telling the story of a German who saved 1300 jews, while the overwhelming majority of the jews was not saved? Even when he shows the moment of the deportation to the Cracau ghetto, or the camp officer shooting at the deported, how can he do justice, even then, to the normalcy of the procedure of murder, the machinery of the extermination? It did not go like that for everyone. In Treblinka, or in Auschwitz, the possibility of salvation was inconceivable.” (Lanzmann). … (read on)

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Lanzmann and Lang

Claude Lanzmann argued (a.o.) that the Shoah cannot be represented (photographically, I would want to add). He states this clearly in explaining what he would do had he found documentary…

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What is Racism?

1. What is Racism?2. How do we establish whether something (or someone) is being racist?3. Doesn’t “is racist” imply a distinction between kinds of people? Imagine you are in the…

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Methods of the Humanities

1. Experimentation Though a core method for the natural sciences, most experimentation is prohibited for social sciences, for moral reasons (we are not allowed to manipulate people). This prohibition seems…

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