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Philosophy of the Arts


This is where I develop my philosophical arguments — about art, the mind, culture, perception. No need to be bored.

Cases of Mindless Behaviour

You ask your partner whether she bought the vegetables for tonight’s dinner. She doesn’t look up from her reading, and answers your question in a way you know makes it…

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Cage’s 4’33” Revisited

The point of Cage’s 4’33” is not that we should pay attention to sounds per se. The sounds that we are asked to pay attention to, are the sound we…

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Our Parents’ Speciesism

The wisdom in the way our parents lived, and the speciesism therein: they might think of other people first as members of this or that family, and then, perhaps, also,…

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Mass art as an epi-phenomenon

Mass art (television), and cartoons, etc. are a mere epi-phenomenon of art. In regard to mass art the core consideration is the freedom of expression and where it meets the…

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Letters and the Telephone

So I finally got around to reading Ray Monk’s biography of Wittgenstein and the fist shock came from an unsuspected angle: Monk could amply make use of letters Betrand Russell…

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Opposition and/or Origin

Some concepts are said to derive their meaning from their opposite. For instance, light supposedly requires the dark for us to make sense of the concept. I think we would…

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Madonna’s Absence

In my view, the only thing positive about Madonna’s music — apart from the financial constancy of the Madonna industry — is Madonna’s Absence. She does not sing (one assumes…

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Art Versus Life

Oh, how art makes a mockery of life. Of late, enjoying profoundly the great jazz classics — the likes of Miles Davis, Albert Ayler, John Coltrane, Lennie Tristano, Warne Marsh…

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