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This is where I develop my philosophical arguments — about art, the mind, culture, perception. No need to be bored.

We support an immoral system

When disaster strikes the stocks go down. Within days, people’s guilt feelings about living on without “doing much of anything to help” is cashed in through national fundraising efforts. We…

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The boredom of computerisation

Listening to the radio is not just about the music. JazzFM, SkyRadio, and many other radio stations broadcast randomly chosen selections from a selection of music. Perhaps the initial selection…

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“The Artistic Device” (Van Abbemuseum)

Op 26 en 27 november 2010 organiseert het Van Abbemuseum The Artistic Device, een tweedaags symposium met Brian Holmes. Holmes is een Amerikaanse cultuur- en kunstcriticus, die met een wat…

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At last we can prove the secret connection between Nietzsche and Kant. “The Transcendental Anti Christ” © Sam van Gerwen, 2010.

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chatroulette.com offers people the possibility to check in with someone anonymous, exchanging live footage from the webcams of both people involved, and a switch-button allowing either of the two to…

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Thinking does not seem to require objects (real things, I mean)—all it needs are subject matters. Thinking as such cannot establish whether there is an object out there. Action needs…

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