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Philosophy of the Arts


This is where I develop my philosophical arguments — about art, the mind, culture, perception. No need to be bored.

Perceiving a Chair

My view of perception as farming out to the external objects has a clear advantage over receptive views of perception. When we perceive a chair we not only collect but…

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Lip-Syncing as Forgery

I watch a typical sixties video of Peter Green singing a tune of Fleetwood Mac. We know he is the original singer, and we realise he is lip-syncing his own…

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Biology and ethics

Wiener Aktionism, Biology and Ethics Biology prescribes that humans strive for survival. It simply makes no sense for a person sustaining a life of his own, to do things which…

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Photos of the New Surgical Beauty

A new kind of beauty. Thanks to Marjolein Efting-Dijkstra for pointing me to this photographer’s impression of the kind of beauty that we are momentarily creating through cosmetic surgery. For…

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Facial Expression and Mirror-Neurones

The discovery of mirror-neurones might help us remove certain issues from our approach to facial expression. They might, for instance, have helped Darwin: “There are other actions which are commonly…

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Dreaming one’s future

…Dreams have psychological reality, but not by intentional design… Dreams have psychological reality, but not like our behaviour has, not by intentional design. If dreams can be characterised as a…

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Sell your Death

A dear friend, an artist herself, made me realise that television is far more extreme than art is, with regard to crossing moral limitations. She pointed me to the case…

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A case of Immoral Art

Kristian von Hornsleth, Danish artist, devised The Hornsleth Village Project Uganda: “The Hornsleth Village Project Uganda saw every individual in a village change their name to Hornsleth, in a simple…

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