Philosophy of the Arts



Banksy makes public art.
(If you don’t know his works, please Google.)

It is public; the works are out there, on the streets, for all to see. They are accessible to all, and make ample use of circumstances available on the streets (empty walls, holes, sidewalks). The pictures are always carefully, and beautifully rendered and without exception well-placed: the place is integral to the picture. Banksy’s works are site-specific.
Plus, his visual arguments are art, not mere (political) statement: passers-by are confronted with the relevant thoughts and feelings in a perceptual manner, as embodied persons.

That said, I think the peculiar quality of his work lies in Banksy’s mobilizing meanings that lie dormant on the streets already. We see two male cops depicted kissing—it is something that would happen there, would it not?

The next question is: how do these meanings lie there? (To be followed.)