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The predominant approach here is phenomenological in combination with linguistic analysis

Representing a token of a type

“But how can he tell what the holocaust was, if he is telling the story of a German who saved 1300 jews, while the overwhelming majority of the jews was not saved? Even when he shows the moment of the deportation to the Cracau ghetto, or the camp officer shooting at the deported, how can he do justice, even then, to the normalcy of the procedure of murder, the machinery of the extermination? It did not go like that for everyone. In Treblinka, or in Auschwitz, the possibility of salvation was inconceivable.” (Lanzmann). … (read on)

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BAK, basis voor actuele kunst

Artur Zmijewski: The Social Studio 28 September – 16 November 2008 opening: 27 September 2008 at 20.00 hrs For more information, see: www.bak-utrecht.nl BAK, basis voor actuele kunst presents Artur…

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Cage’s 4’33” Revisited

The point of Cage’s 4’33” is not that we should pay attention to sounds per se. The sounds that we are asked to pay attention to, are the sound we…

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Iconische Ironie

Voor degenen die afgelopen college moesten missen: we hebben naar een YouTube-filmpje gekeken: Der Untergang (Personeelsuitje). Hierin wordt op hilarische wijze de draak gestoken met de manier waarop Hitler en…

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Madonna’s Absence

In my view, the only thing positive about Madonna’s music — apart from the financial constancy of the Madonna industry — is Madonna’s Absence. She does not sing (one assumes…

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