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Philosophy of the Arts


The predominant approach here is phenomenological in combination with linguistic analysis

Scruton and Privacy Law

The difference between photography and representation is brought by zooming in on another peculiarity of the vistas through windows and in mirrors. Photos, mirrors, and windows all prove that what…

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Magritte boven Escher

Schilderijen als La Condition Humaine van René Magritte maken de representationele houding ervaarbaar: het verschil tussen wat we ervaren als we naar het doek kijken (“Het afgebeelde canvas beeldt af…

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Jazz and classical music

1. While listening to John Coltrane, this thought came up:jazz musicians play on a favourite instrument. And, sometimes, the instrument they pick does not really connect with them. [Multi-instumentalist Anthony…

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The paradigm of art creation

The model for thinking about the creation of art that we shall be talking about in the next weeks, is this: the artist sees himself or herself confronted with ‘inert’…

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Thesen over architectuur en kunst

Architectuur doet zichzelf tekort als ze kunst wil zijn, en, trouwens, kunst die zich als architectuur wil gedragen ook. In onze pogingen om design en architectuur als kunstvormen te beschouwen…

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Narratives’ life lessons

One of the moral values of art appreciation (according to Eaton) is that it teaches us about narrative coherence, but: Is a human life coherent? When would one say of…

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