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Philosophy of the Arts


The predominant approach here is phenomenological in combination with linguistic analysis

Joel-Peter Witkin

…Could he be tried for staging a corpse?… What we see on the photographs of Joel-Peter Witkin is, for instance, a corpse, beheaded, sitting on a chair, in “Man without…

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Music Videos

A good music video is one where the imagery prompts suitably to aspects of the music, and where the music prompts suitably to aspects of the imagery. As a genre,…

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Santiago Sierra (1966)

A funny thing happens. Researching for a paper on immoral art, time and again I google for Santiago Sierra, who I think provides great samples of this new art form….

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Iconising the Holocaust

Perhaps, Claude Lanzmann, in his review of Spielberg’s Schindler’s List, assumes that representations of the Holocaust of necessity become iconic images, assuming, also, that some images shouldn’t be allowed to:…

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Representing a token of a type

“But how can he tell what the holocaust was, if he is telling the story of a German who saved 1300 jews, while the overwhelming majority of the jews was not saved? Even when he shows the moment of the deportation to the Cracau ghetto, or the camp officer shooting at the deported, how can he do justice, even then, to the normalcy of the procedure of murder, the machinery of the extermination? It did not go like that for everyone. In Treblinka, or in Auschwitz, the possibility of salvation was inconceivable.” (Lanzmann). … (read on)

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