Philosophy of the Arts



…Phenomenology is martial art for philosophers…

Imagine this: you are the only person in the world who moves in slow motion. You have no clue about this (of course you don’t), but everyone else can see it happening. So imagine a world where people see one person moving in slow motion, and that one person is you. So there you are.
Now ask yourself: how do you perceive the world?
For the record, it is part of the exercise that you imagine that this has always been the case, so it is not a momentary situation. You are not puzzled in that manner.

So you cross the street—slowly. And while you do it the leaves from the trees blow under you at high speeds, cyclists flash by, pedestrians make speedy gestures that you cannot understand.

Phenomenology is martial art for philosophers.

Henri Cartier-Bresson: “Behind the station”

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