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Thanks to “Drop-Down Menus, Horizontal Style” by Nick Rigby, I finally succeeded in making the better navigation available to Internet Explorer users. As far as I can check this, it…

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Weblog repaired

I have ruined this weblog. All entries have a singular creation date. Much as I hate this, I can now confirm that as of now it is working aright again,…

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Software update

Type-setting my texts I made a switch to particular software running on the Unix foundations of Mac OSX. This software is highly manipulable and utterly trustworthy! The following fall into…

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Explorer solution

After a year long frustrating struggle, I finally found my way out of Internet Explorer’s (lower than IE6 versions) incapacity to render boxes the way I want them rendered and…

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Defeating browser incompatibilities

QuirksMode.org is the personal and professional site of Peter-Paul Kochfreelance web developer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It contains more than 150 pages with CSS and JavaScript tips and tricks, and…

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De site van mijn bedrijf is gerestyled

De website van Consilium Philosophicum. Filosofisch advies en onderzoek is grondig herzien. Hij is in CSS omgezet, gebruikmakend van SSI (Server Side Includes). Dat maakt het voor mij gemakkelijker om…

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update “Consilium Philosophicum” coming up

De website van mijn eigen bedrijf, Consilium Philosophicum, is niet bepaald ‘up to date’, maar dat gaat ergens in de a.s. winter helemaal veranderen. Voor een overzicht van mijn werkzaamheden…

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Another blogwise update

Revamped my blog. Among others, I added indexes of the various categories. unfortunately, to do that, I had to make certain changes in older files, which, consequently got a more…

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