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Blog-logic reclaimed

Due to a change in server technology, my weblog has been disturbed profoundly. Quite a few entries placed a long time ago have been redated to december 20, 2007, and were placed up in the blog hierarchy. I am sorry about this disturbance of blog-logic. I sincerely hope my present tactics of uploading entries restores…

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Presentations in LATEX (prosper)

There is no real need for PowerPoint® to do your slide-presentations. In LATEX, we use the prosper class (built on the seminar-package). It’ll produce presentations to be viewed in a PDF-reader, like Acrobat’s. You’ll need a standard TEX installation (use Gerben Wierda’s i-Installer for that purpose; make sure to include Ghostscript), plus these packages: prosper…

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Microsoft’s Internet problems

Sometimes, people open pages in my web-sites in Windows Internet Explorer which then crashes, after first showing this message: Explorer.exe – Application ErrorThe instruction at “0x0105b1fe” referenced memory at “0x000000000”. The memory could not be “read”. Click on OK to terminate the programClick on CANCEL to debug the program. The first option I first read…

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Saying goodbye to old Macintoshes

Here I am, sitting staring at two broken fruit iMacs (one Strawberry, one Bondy Blue). The Strawberry is the best of the two; I upgraded it with extra memory and an internal HD, only a year ago. Four months ago my household was treated with two power surges, one of which cost me a backlight…

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Flawless software. Recommendations from a Macintosh enthusiast, update

I am not mentioning bigger apps that my computer life depends on and that work flawlessly too, like MS Excel, Camino (replaced Firefox, on Arno’s advise. Thanks!), Safari, Preview, Mail, Interarchy, Adobe Reader, Terminal, GraphicConvertor, NetNewsWireLite, iTunes, TexShop, MicroSoft PowerPoint, Calculator, ScriptEditor, FileMakerPro 8, and Chronosync. These are all five-star apps. There are also a…

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Latex beamer class

I was only just getting used to prosper, a LATEX class for producing projections, presentations, when a colleague from the mathematics department, Tammo Jan Dijkema, pointed me to another one: the beamer class. He also pointed me to another colleague who has made a local Utrecht University style, all `ready out of the box’. Installing…

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Solved by CSS-compliance (i.e. lack thereof)!

The fourth option Seems like I solved my issues with Internet Explorer. The culprit: some perfectly correct CSS-code (a pseudo-class). p:first-letter { font-size: 2em; font-weight: bold; border: 1px solid #ddd; padding: 0; line-height: 1.2em; color: #069; margin-right: 2px; font-style: italic;} Probably there is some conflict or other with some other perfectly correct CSS-code. Well, I…

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