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Internet Explorer, pursued

In the never-ending story about how to make Internet Explorer show my sites like they are meant to be shown I seem to have arrived at a decisive break-through. Today…

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CSS Opacity in Mozilla and IE

CSS Opacity, By Michelle Goodrich — Mandarin Design. Tips on introducing more or less opaque images by mere use of CSS-styling. Looked into it; seems great. Accessibly explained too. Thanks…

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drop-down menus restored

Little did I know that MS Internet Explorer® did not render the drop-down menus that I so meticulously deviced for my sites. One look at a Windows machine showed differently….

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As you can see, I have restyled my weblog. The lay-out is fluid, now. I.e., if you resize the window or the font-size you won’t seriously disturb the way it…

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TeX capacity exceeded, sorry

Typesetting a BibteX-file (not all that large: 220KB) in TexShop brought me no trouble whatsoever, but in Terminal got me this fatal failure: ! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [save size=5000]….

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Explorer to the rescue

Of course, I knew it, restyling a website and making it work under Internet Explorer are two things. Different worlds really. What you see in real browsers is not what…

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Temporary silence

Wednesday February 16, my websites and weblog will be temporarily unavailable due to hardware reparations.

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Vital Internet-advice

For vastly revamping the site of the NEDERLANDS GENOOTSCHAP VOOR ESTHETICA (Dutch Association of Aesthetics), recently, I made use, as always (!), of Jeffrey Zeldman’s AListApart. Results will be online…

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