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Cleaning up the In-box

I simply must share this hint about Mac OS X
It solved this issue I was having: my in-box fills with great speed and it is taking me much dedication and time to keep it under 100 messages, which to my mind is the absolute maximum for the mailbox to be overseeable. So everyday I pick up messages and put them away in special mailboxes. Nothing new here.
However, what I would reallly like is put my own responses to these mails in these special mailboxes in one and the same move, and I never knew how to do it. So I’d first clean my in-box, and then the sent-box. A time consuming, no, time-killing process.

The hint quoted above explains how threaded view helps sort your in-box, and how once it is sorted you can command-click the sent-box and its contents will be sorted with the threads, which can then with only one click be moved to the special box, as desired.

I don’t know whether Windows users can do sucht things too, but this is really a time-saver!!

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