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blog Rejuvenated

New category: papers.

With the migration to WordPress my blog has been restyled, and shuffled. I also added a new category, “papers” which assembles papers and presentations as soon as they are available. The idea is to give you the abstract and a link to the file. And as of now new additions to this category will be like that.
I have started by putting in all the papers and presentations that have been available through my website before, so it is already neatly filled.

I hope to have more to say about my blog, soon.

Helpful LaTeX beamer suggestion

Also expect an explanation about how to make several kinds of output in the LaTeX beamer-class: one to present in class; one to print out your notes (the sheets projected included, plus notes for your eyes only); one to hand out in class, consisting of the text of the sheets, but not your personal notes—all on the basis of one input files and a few tricks.

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