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Philosophy of the Arts


What perception is, where to find the perceived, and how it is remembered.

Success terms and activity terms

We can distinguish between terms which apply only after success and terms which refer to the activity leading to such success. Some terms are ambiguous in this respect, e.g. the…

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Farmed out clues and addictions

One element in addictions is the farmed out clues, spread in the world the addict tramples in. These clues carry our memories for us, irrespective of the narrative we live…

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Acquiring a cat’s mind

You know how cats can’t concentrate on a task; how, whenever something moves in their direct vicinity, that something is their project … immediately? We seem to head in that…

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Aesthetic or ethical dilemmas

The challenge seems to be: to find the proper formulation of some set of alternatives so that it becomes clear that a dilemma is at stake. Von Hagens’ plastinates Urvashi…

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In the past, I have dubbed the type of representation through modal ellipsis, that we saw in the coffee cup scene from Robert Bresson’s L’argent, ‘intimation’. The point about intimation…

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Art de-mentalized

Recently, I defended the art-status of certain fairground attractions. I couldn’t begin to explain the likes of the Dutch’ De Efteling’s Villa Volta. I won’t. I also argued abundantly that…

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