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Farmed out clues and addictions

One element in addictions is the farmed out clues, spread in the world the addict tramples in. These clues carry our memories for us, irrespective of the narrative we live through whilst encountering the clues. It is the clues which feed back onto our narratives, instead of the narratives determining how we interpret the clues. To fight the clues that remind us of our addictive needs, presupposes a fight against the very mnemonic system and its associative use of farming out.
This can be done by avoiding the clues: don’t walk the streets where in previous times you were reminded of your addiction and acted upon this. Such avoidance is risky, though, as the associative system has its ways to revitalize. The alternative is a head-on collision with one’s own mnemosis: by re-membering the clues with new, cleaner associations, and permanently rehearsing the process.

What to do with the deeper psychoanalytical structure of introjections and projections which keeps the associations in place? This too must be faced in the process.

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