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Philosophy of the Arts


What perception is, where to find the perceived, and how it is remembered.

Acquiring a cat’s mind

You know how cats can’t concentrate on a task; how, whenever something moves in their direct vicinity, that something is their project … immediately? We seem to head in that…

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Aesthetic or ethical dilemmas

The challenge seems to be: to find the proper formulation of some set of alternatives so that it becomes clear that a dilemma is at stake. Von Hagens’ plastinates Urvashi…

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In the past, I have dubbed the type of representation through modal ellipsis, that we saw in the coffee cup scene from Robert Bresson’s L’argent, ‘intimation’. The point about intimation…

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Art de-mentalized

Recently, I defended the art-status of certain fairground attractions. I couldn’t begin to explain the likes of the Dutch’ De Efteling’s Villa Volta. I won’t. I also argued abundantly that…

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