Philosophy of the Arts

Literature Modules


On these pages I keep you informed about the literature courses in aesthetics. There are three of them:

In “Art and Morality” you study the debate on the possibility of a moral evaluation of art;
In “Mind and Art” collections of articles by one author are studied and taken to the task by comparison with the debates in the journals
In “Capita Selecta Philosophy of Art” a monograph is chosen of a modern classical author in contemporary philosophy of art.

All three literature modules can be done on three levels: 2, 3, and Masters, and may start in any period. (Of course, prerequisite must be met for the higher levels).

You should find the specifics via my academic site.

Since 2005, I have also included grade-lists with the literature courses, behind lock and barrel, but students enlisted have the key (when not, ask for it). I advise you to regularly check all the data on the grades list, and to immmediately contact me (preferably through email) should you find anything that seems wrong or incomplete to you.If your number is not on the list, this may be because I simply do not have it. Please provide me with your studentnumber.
By the way, the grade-lists have no official status and cannot normally be used as legal proof.

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