Philosophy of the Arts


Technological Harassment

Digital remastering

What if the digital remastering of music brings us more complete sound as recorded, with more details, including those details which the original musician did not hear and which did not, at the time, instruct him aesthetically? The musicians chose a version of their music which is now no longer held to be authoritative as to the final result. Technology overrules aesthetics.
Technological enhancement may be interesting for present day interest in details. But it turns understanding why people back then made the aesthetic choices they did into an impossibility. It removes humanity out of history.

Ghosts and intentionality.

African religious thought assumes the afterlife of spirits, or ghosts. Western Enlightenment, apart from all the good it did, killed our ancestry by rationalizing away any such assumptions. Now we are in the process of, even, removing the intentionality that led our ancestors to produce our cultural heritage.
After the soul, and spirits, presently we remove intentionality, the heart of art and culture.

Technology removes psychology everywhere it can.

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